6th Grade

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Kathy Athmann (1619)
kathy.athmann [at] dc.k12.mn.us
Reading Specialist

Katie Atkinson (1622)
katie.atkinson [at] dc.k12.mn.us
Social Studies, ELA

Brooke Cron (1625)
brooke.cron [at] dc.k12.mn.us
Science, ELA

Tony Delher (1669)
tony.dehler [at] dc.k12.mn.us

Shelby Geiser-Norgaard (1620)
shelby.geiser-norgaard [at] dc.k12.mn.us
Social Studies, ELA

Tim Illies (1621)
tim.illies [at] dc.k12.mn.us
Math, ELA

Kate McConkey (1626)
kate.mcconkey [at] dc.k12.mn.us
Math, ELA

Paula Trisko (1623) 
paula.trisko [at] dc.k12.mn.us
Science, ELA