Character Counts at D-C

Character Building Pillars

RESPECT: Showing genuine concern for yourself, others and the world around you. ..

RESPONSIBILITY: Being accountable for your actions and accepting the consequences of those actions.

RESILIENCY: Rebounding from significant stresses with a positive attitude and sense of balance.

INTEGRITY: Reflecting trustworthiness, honesty and self-discipline.

COMPASSION: Willing to share and give aid or support to all people; caring.

UNDERSTANDING DIVERSITY: Realizing that everyone is unique and that all have their strengths and limitations.

In the early 1990's a group of local school representatives, parents, community members and ministers met to determine a common set of acceptable character traits that could be taught in our schools and that would coincide with the beliefs of our two communities. The result of this effort was the identification of six Character Pillars. Almost 20 years later, these six, excellent Pillars still provide the basis for character education in our school district.