D-C Middle School Teacher Attributes

In order to reach the goals implied in the Dassel-Cokato Middle School Vision and to successfully implement the Characteristics of the Middle School, the middle school teacher should have:
  • A willingness to conduct a teacher advisor group of students.
  • A belief that it is better to recognize and reward positive student growth, than it is to focus undue attention on the negative.
  • A willingness to share teaching methods and techniques with fellow colleagues in team planning process.
  • A willingness to try different ways of presenting information for students.
  • A willingness to cooperative learning, develop lessons appropriate for different learning styles, and use other appropriate methods that will help enhance students' chances for success.
  • A willingness to become involved in teaching exploratory program for students.
  • A willingness to involve the community and parents in the education of their children.
  • A willingness to get involved in summer writing time as needed.
  • A willingness to change and take risks.
  • A belief those students are more important than the content.